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ELJAY CUT-TED pht pht pht you're CUT


[x]Name: kelsey
[x]Location: wisconsin
[x]Age: 15
[x]Sexual Orientation: straight
[x]Significant Other: no one


[x]Movie/s: secret window, the butterfly effect, american splendor, elephant, one-hour photo, joy ride..
[x]Book/s: death be not proud john gunther, gingerbread rachel cohn, love that dog sharon creech, city of the beasts (cuidad de las bestias) isabella allende, night stone rick hautala, four past midnight stephen king, flowers in the attic (series) v.c. andrews, false memory dean koontz..
[x]TV show/s: the days, quintuplets, the daily show with jon stewart, tough crowd with colin quinn, late night with conan o'brien, the punk show (when it was on), radio free roscoe, unsolved mysteries, the twilight zone..
[x]10 Bands: something corporate, brand new, paloalto, brice, somerset, number one fan, snow patrol, the cure, allister, me first and the gimme gimmes..
[x]Shop/s: everywhere. i'm forced into stores like old navy and hot topic because of friends and family and once in a while i see something i like. all our stores here are pretty *mainstream* (ie american eagle, aeropostale, hollister, etc.), so i just look really hard for stuff i like. who cares. EBAY, that's where it's at! hah. mmkay, enough pointless-ness.
[x]Era: 80s. too bad i don't remember it.
[x]Word: blasphemy


[x]What song makes you want to disco the most: well.. let's think about that one for a second.. i can't think of even one.
[x]What's your favourite lyric: "little red riding hood, you sure are looking good. you're everything a big, bad wolf could want *howl*" NO, i'm just kidding, those aren't really my favorite lyrics, but they are pretty good, huh.. i like the lyrics "you could scream the stars right out of the sky. and destroy the prettiest starry night." from atreyu's "lip gloss and black" even though i don't like atreyu. and just right NOW, those are lyrics i like.. they don't *mean* anything.. or anything.
[x]What's your favourite kind of music?: a lot of genres.. if you want to get technical.. umm.. emo, indie, punk, alternative, rock, ska.. et cetera.

WHICH ONE (you may elaborate your reasoning)

[x]Looks/Personality: personality
[x]Sweet/Savoury: sweet
[x]Livejournal/Deadjournal: livejournal
[x]Love/Sex: love <3
[x]Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon: sailor moon
[x]Family/Friends: family
[x]Smack Down/Raw: wrestling? none. my cousins used to love it and made me watch it when i hated it. i hate wrestling.. sorry.


[x]Movie you watched: eh, i don't know.. i only got to see part of the royal tenenbaums today on tv.. i keep trying to watch trainspotting and in america but can't seem to find the time..
[x]Word you said: so
[x]Thing you ate: po-tay-toes.
[x]Song you listened to: "cheeseburger in paradise" (jimmy buffett, i guess..) it was on when i was eating pizza at mancino's (uhmyeah, a restaurant). and i keep getting "ruby soho" (rancid!) stuck in my head.

YOUR VIEWS ON(please elaborate on these)

[x]War: i don't *like* war, but i understand that war is (has always been and always will be) a "neccessity" in human society. sad but true, i know. i am very much against the draft, also..
[x]Homosexuality: i don't see why there is such a big deal about it. i mean, i do. but then again, i really don't. why does everyone care about everyone else's business? i always say that if america were really the land of the free, we wouldn't have this debate.
[x]Weapons: i am deathly afraid of weapons. yes, i have multiple fears, both rational and irrational. but seriously, i hate weapons. knives, guns, anythings. but i see that some people use weapons for hunting and other things. i also do not condone hunting, but it is human/animalian (is that a word, even?) nature to hunt. but anyway.. i would have no problem with weapons restriction.
[x]Racism: is mean. and i don't like the terms Black and White. they sound quite childish.. and impersonal. i just call them people. everyone.
[x]Rating Communities: can be fun. a lot are pointless, though.. ahem, i only apply to the good ones, so.. yeah >:)


[x]Name 3 communities or journals you promoted this community in. sorry if it's not okay, but could i do this later? because i'm in a hurry. so.. i'll do that tomorrow if i use the computer. okay?thanks.
[x]What was that?: i don't know but i think i said that the MODS are HOT like nothing else.
[x]Please post at least two pictures here:
ohgod i'm sorry for this, but.. here are some pictures.. watch out.

sorry i don't have more recent pics than that, so no show-offing of my eyeliner<3 except in one of those. hah, how stereotypical is that of me.. and don't you love the camera shot? yeah.iknow. sad.

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