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Original like WHOA...



[x]Name:  Jennifer
[x]Location:  Tennessee
[x]Age:  16
[x]Sexual Orientation:  Straight
[x]Significant Other:  I guess that'd be none.


[x]Movie/s:  All of Buster Keaton movies and silent movies, Butterfly Effect, A Clockwork Orange,  Vanilla Sky, Goodbye, Lenin
[x]Book/s:  I've only read a few but I liked A Clockwork Orange
[x]TV show/s:  I havn't been watching too much tv lately just movies...but when I do I watch Yes, dear, Home Improvement, Charmed....
[x]10 Bands:  The Killers, Incubus, Franz Ferdinand, The Sex Pistols, Crass, The Subhumans, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Sublime...
[x]Shop/s:  ah.. umm target, and smartcents (thrift store) and I guess that's it.  Oh Yeah!  Hot Topic.  Ok, not really. 
[x]Era:  I don't really have a favorite as all of them has many good things to offer. 
[x]Word:  Eh.


[x]What song makes you want to disco the most: Oh man...any crass song or basically any fast crazy punk song in the car makes me want to rock out.                                                                 [x]What's your favourite lyric:  "when the bomb drops i'll be a bank holiday everybody happy in their tents and caravans everybody happy in their ignorance and apathy nobody realizes until their television breaks down "  "When the bomb drops"  by The Subhumans.  The rest of the lyrics to that song are pretty cool as well.
[x]What's your favourite kind of music?:  Rock.  Most types of it, except for the whole 'pop punk' shit.

WHICH ONE (you may elaborate your reasoning)

[x]Looks/Personality:  Usually it's a combination of in a guy (boyfriend)...I'd like for them to be pretty and cool, unless as just a friend then it doesn't matter and girls doesn't matter either. 
[x]Sweet/Savoury:  ahh sweet.
[x]Livejournal/Deadjournal:  Live Journal, as Dead Journal confuses the hell out of me.
[x]Love/Sex:  Love,  because I don't think I'd want to go out and have sex with somone I don't really care about...unless I felt like being a big whore. 
[x]Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon:  I don't care for either.
[x]Family/Friends:  Friends but family is good too.  Except for when you don't leave the house and you get tired of seeing their faces.
[x]Smack Down/Raw:  Neither


[x]Movie you watched:  The Playhouse, a short by Buster Keaton
[x]Word you said:  Auf Wiedersehen...although that is actually two words.
[x]Thing you ate:  a cookie.  Although eating sounds like a  mighty good idea right now. 
[x]Song you listened to:  Some Incubus song.  Don't remember which though.

YOUR VIEWS ON(please elaborate on these)

[x]War:  I don't think we should go out and start a war for no reason...but if they attack first I'd expect some hell to break loose. 
[x]Homosexuality:  I used to be homophobic as that was how I was raised but then I realized it was stupid to be that way and now I don't really care.  Except for when there are gay boys who are hot.  That is somewhat disapointing...
[x]Weapons:  hmmm they're pretty scary.
[x]Racism:  I also used to be racist...but again, I don't care about that stuff anymore.  If I'm not going to like someone it isn't going to be because of their physical features.  It's gonna be because they're dumb.
[x]Rating Communities:  Ha I don't even know why I like them.  I havn't been accepted to not one! 


[x]Name 3 communities or journals you promoted this community inrobodinosaur , ashyflasyuhohspamrobot .
[x]What was that?:  The mods are hot.
[x]Please post at least two pictures here:                                         

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