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original lyke whoaa.


[x]Name: Kaysha
[x]Location: Iowa
[x]Age: 13
[x]Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, and not just because it's the "fad" now-a-days.
[x]Significant Other: No one.. =(


[x]Movie/s: Thirteen, Donnie Darko, The Nightmare Before Christmas
[x]Book/s: Gingerbread, I honestly suggest that book to ANYONE. Very good book.
[x]TV show/s: That 70's Show, Simpsons, Will&Grace. I don't have cable. =(
[x]10 Bands: HIM, Dashboard Confessional, Breaking Benjamin, Matchbook Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Seether, Coheed&Cambria, Blink 182, Slipknot.
[x]Shop/s: Hot Topic, Spencer's, Gadzook's, Pac Sun.
[x]Era: Uhmm, there's like 3 definition's for that, I'm assuming you're talking about period of time; Sleeping.
[x]Word: Wow, that's really hard, I guess I'd say: penis.


[x]What song makes you want to disco the most: Vanilla Ice- Ice, Ice, Baby.
[x]What's your favourite lyric: Hollow hero's seperate, as they run.
[x]What's your favourite kind of music?: My MOST favorite, would be.. like, poetic. But I mainly like most Punk to Metal music, all inbetween there.

WHICH ONE (you may elaborate your reasoning)

[x]Looks/Personality: Personality, because I'm not a shallow bitch like 95% of the people are at my school.
[x]Sweet/Savoury: Sweet.
[x]Livejournal/Deadjournal: Oh, livejournal,definatley.
[x]Love/Sex: Love. But, honestly, I think that word it out-played.
[x]Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon!!!
[x]Family/Friends: Friends.. I don't like some of my family.
[x]Smack Down/Raw: Since I have no cable, that means we get shitty ass T.V., and Smack Down sucks. They just play off of RAW. So the very few times I get to hang out with my wrestling fanatic friend, I would want to watch RAW.


[x]Movie you watched: Haggard.. -swoon's over Bam-
[x]Word you said: Alright.
[x]Thing you ate: Blimpie. ^_^
[x]Song you listened to: Breaking Benjamin-So Cold.

YOUR VIEWS ON(please elaborate on these)

[x]War: Stupid.. stupid stupid. I hate Bush, seriously. There was NO point for the Iraqi war.
[x]Homosexuality: Now, I am for homosexuality, being that I am half-gay myself. And I am in disgust with homophobic's. They either need to go to hell, or haven't been in love. Gay pride.
[x]Weapons: I think the only weapon that should have been made was knife's. And I have pity for the people who spent all their time making the other weapons..
[x]Rating Communities: There's way too many, but I only join/apply in the awesome ones. ^_^


[x]What was that?: THE MODS ARE HOTT!!! (they really are)
[x]Please post at least two pictures here:

Sorry, that was a lot.
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