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[x]Name: Lauren
[x]Location: New Jersey
[x]Age: 14
[x]Sexual Orientation: Straight/Single
[x]Significant Other: ?


[x]Movie/s: The nightmare before christmas
[x]Book/s: any poetry book
[x]TV show/s: laguna beach, one tree hill, real world, howard stern
[x]10 Bands: [ there not bands ]  tupac, 50cent, chingy, luda, nelly, usher,snoop,pharell,BIGGIE,young buck, eminem, dr. dre
[x]Shop/s: pac sun, abercrombie, abercrombie+fitch,wetseal,guess,delias[cute scarfs]
[x]Era: the 9o's
[x]Word: hoLLa


[x]What song makes you want to disco the most: funkytown<3
[x]What's your favourite lyric: im already there, take a look around [lonestar]
[x]What's your favourite kind of music?: rap and techno

WHICH ONE (you may elaborate your reasoning)

[x]Looks/Personality: personality is what i look for most in a person, but sometimes look may help
[x]Sweet/Savoury: sweet, i was told when i was little, sweet things leave more of an impact on your life
[x]Livejournal/Deadjournal: livejournal <3 it just rocks me
[x]Love/Sex: love, sex  alot of people do just to do it, and brag about how many times, but when you love someone, it only happens to a rare number of people
[x]Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon: sailor moon, i always liked them better ever since i became best friends with my friend krista
[x]Family/Friends: family, friends change, family no matter what will ALWAYS be family
[x]Smack Down/Raw: raw, if your gonna wrestle, so it hardcore


[x]Movie you watched: The nightmare before christmas
[x]Word you said: hOlla
[x]Thing you ate: banana split lol
[x]Song you listened to: crip walk

YOUR VIEWS ON(please elaborate on these)

[x]War: AGAINST, why cant we all just get along ?
[x]Homosexuality: love is love, it is found in all different shapes sizes, and bodys
[x]Weapons: its not the weapon that commits the crime, its the person
[x]Racism: horrible, were all made with the same feelings and emotions, and racism shouldnt be around
[x]Rating Communities: i think if you want to be a part of one, do it, but im not forcing it apon, so for them


[x]Name 3 communities or journals you promoted this community in. x_fake_romances , oh__sirens, xbayb3ex
[x]What was that?: THE MODS ARE HOT
[x]Please post at least two pictures here:

meme riss and danieme on the left with two of my best friend riss [middle] and danie [right]
methat was kind of candid, my friend just called my name
brit and meon the right, down the shore with my best friend brit [left]


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